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Making Your Own Homepage

Having your own web pages involves a simple, 2-step process:

  1. You need to create the web page on your PC using an HTML editor (some kind of web page creation software).
  2. Once the page is created on your PC at home, you will need to use some file transfer software (FTP software) to transfer the file from your PC to the web server here at Psyberware.
Then your page is up! After that, just make any changes you want on your PC and transfer the updated files to the server, any time of day or night.


HTML (Web Page Creation) Software

Some software that makes it easy to create web pages includes:

Microsoft FrontPage
Macromedia Dreamweaver

Some websites that offer guides to creating your web pages:

ZDNet's "HTML User" Guide

FTP (File Transfer) Software

A really good FTP program for Windows is WS_FTP. A recommended FTP program for Macintosh is Fetch, also included in CNet's review. Check it out!

Everything you need to know
to create your own home page is available online. Finding this information and learning to use it is a great exercise, developing the skills that will help you make the most of being online. Self-learning is a key skill in this environment. Be prepared to spend some time mano-a-machino (you and your computer).

Treat the Internet as your own personal reference library. If necessary, print out instructions and study them, making your own notes as you go along. Bookmark the pages you find that are most useful to you, and return to them as you need them. This page is to help point you at some of the best resource pages out there, to get you started. Have fun, and happy exploring!

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